I am going to show you exactly how to avoid the single forever trap, how to get asked out and fall in love with a GOOD man! 

When someone revealed the #1 reason that most good-heart women stay single forever….

I said... “Are you serious?!!! SO I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time?!”

At the time, I was single and going about meeting my man the wrong way.

We aren’t taught this stuff in school! And what we do learn... is NOT very helpful.
Sending us messages like....
>> “Lose 22 pounds” 
>> “Remember 9 sexy phrases to say to him” 
>> “Look unrealistic” 
>> “Call his wiener charlie.” 

HAHAH like the most ridiculous things! So what is a single girl to do?

All of this advice ONLY propels insecurities in women and engrains that our man is FAR FAR away because we have all these unrealistic goals we need to "hit" before we can meet him!

This subliminal messaging only pushes us to open the fridge door 10 times… and expect to find something new inside the fridge to shove our “not enough” feelings down.

Once I finally discovered the #1 reason why most women stay single… it was like a WHOLE NEW WORLD opened up.
I knew exactly what to do and I began doing it to men and BAM… 
I had quality men asking me out, courting me and then there was the ONE ;) 
ONE whom I am madly in love with today.
Are you ready to discover the #1 mysterious reason? Here it is... 

Men Don’t Make The First Move, Women Do 

Yes. We’ve been lied to. 

It is actually the woman who makes the first move through important flirty signals that she sends to the man.

We have been taught that he will come after us… whether we know it or not… we wait for him to appear on a white horse with a dozen daffodils and then… CRICKETS… netflix and chocolate covered bananas all by myself.


There's women like FULL DATING FIONA and TAKEN TABBY. (Ugh! 🙄)

You know... the type of girls that seem to have ZERO problem finding a man, and makes us drip with envy? 

Well they know exactly what these signals are to send to men. And it always works! 

Yet, they never share their secrets with you because they do it unconsciously. They don't even realize they're doing it.

The man does physically walk up and ask the woman out.... Only AFTER she has sent him ONE of the 4 flirty signals. 

You see, a lot of single women send the wrong signals, without knowing it. They’re taking steps back and it's really damaging their dating life.

Yet, the difference between the woman who is always getting asked out or in a relationship, and the woman who is single with a ‘sahara desert’ dating life… 

… are these 4 flirty signals!

Once you learn and apply even ONE of these signals... your new problem will be which man to pick that is best for you LOL! 
I had a choice to make. 
I could stay comfortable OR I could face my fears, get myself out there and meet my man.

These ‘flirty signals’ are not outrageously ridiculous. But they DID confront my own fears with flirting, intimacy and love & they JUST might do the same for you.

However, the GOOD NEWS IS… that outside of your comfort zone is the UNKNOWN & your dream guy is in that ‘UNKNOWN’. 

So the more we can guide and nudge you into the unknown, the closer you’ll get to attracting & having him in your life, everyday. ;)  

So not only do I want to give you exactly what these 4 potent flirty signals are and how to send them to your man... 

I will provide a fun, exciting challenge for you and other single ladies to light a fire under your butt to ensure that you APPLY these 4 signals right away.

The challenge will be exhilarating and so rewarding. You’ll feel full of LIFE by following this amazing challenge. 

I’m going to take on a group of women to help with this irresistible challenge, and I want YOU to join in on it. And…

IF you’re ready to attract several dates this month. 
IF you’re ready to send the right signal to the right man that you’re ready for him. 
IF you’re willing to tap into your bravery and push past your comfort zone, and have a love life your girlfriends will envy.

Then this is for you. Because it means you’re ready to step into the unknown and meet your man. 
Lets go sister!

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